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Think, Design & Code.

In 2013, Steaw joined Lonsdale to create the first 100% digital branding agency.

Our expertise : Think, Design and Code attractive and efficient experiences about brands on all their touch points and for all audiences.

We work with CAC40 companies, startups, associations and administrations on their digital projects : websites, mobile apps, online applications, digital in store, iot…

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Social Wall

A 100% custom service, adapted to your brand story to enhance your activity on social networks.

Highlight a moment

At your reception desk, points of sale, at a conference, internal or external event, to run a community, bring to life and share your network’s activity.

On all your devices


Because a brand is as much by what it says what it shows, Lonsdale creates MakeMyDay, a video production studio dedicated to brand strategy.

MakeMyDay designs your movies in responsive thinking, from the gigantism of an in-store screen wall to the minimalism of connected watches. MakeMyDay produces and distributes films for all formats on all feeds for all your audiences.


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