A Brand Guide to Understanding Generation Z

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An International Study
Polymorphic, unpredictable, ultra-connected, responsible natives … So many words to describe Gen Z give an idea of the challenge they represent to brands today. Carried out in collaboration with our partner agencies, CBX New York and Cowan Shanghaï, Control Z is an international study proposing a decryption of those born between 1997 and 2010.

How does one address a target that is as heterogeneous as it is volatile? How does one go about engaging these digital natives in their virtual realms? What do they expect from brands and companies at a time when their horizons are clouded by multiple crises? By imagining the ideal Z customer journey, we create new fields of opportunity and help shape future consumption boundaries.

An Inspirational Notebook
Control Z sheds light on the psycho-sociological issues facing Gen Z with a selection of the best concepts addressing this very demanding target: branding, innovation, retail, communication territory.

Tailor-Made Accompaniment
From this unique resource, Lonsdale offers brands several tools to agilely assess and develop their attractiveness to Gen Z.

Some Fields of Exploration:
– Zs in the Face of Danger: anxiety, resilience and hopes
– Sustainable Consumption : the different forms of Z engagement
– Employer Brand : what Zs expect from the company
– Media Practices : social loops, digitale cultures et micro-communities

An International Network of Experts
Control Z is a study and strategic monitoring conducted by 14 strategic planners spanning across Paris, New York and Shanghai. The study offers global insights as well as local specificities. We support the development of international brands in specific markets by creating ad-hoc teams that cover Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific region.