Citroën AMI & Lonsdale, 3 Gold Prizes!

Citroën and Lonsdale win 3 Grand Prix Gold Prizes for the launch of Citroën AMI 100% ëlectric:

  • Design strategies
  • Top / Com Consumer
  • Marketing Trophies

The launch concept of Ami 100% ëlectric is unprecedented, the creation is part of a discourse and an overall design in total coherence with the Citroën brand strategy and is integrated into all the physical touch points of the Citroën brand: points of sale, motorshows, pop-ups.

The modular aspect of the concept allows it to be easily set-up anywhere. The agency has created a unique and fun concept in different distribution formats, allowing it to meet future clients in areas where the brand is not usually present.

An indoor pop-up for places with high traffic: stations, shopping centers, concessions, partner brands… the concept is easily transportable and can be installed within 2 hours by 2 people.

An outdoor container that can be installed in the parking lot of shopping centers, festivals or any other event … it allows the small vehicle to be sold in a small area of 15m2.

Since this system can be deployed on a massive scale at a lower cost, the agency responds to a financial challenge which is to have a system that promotes economies of scale. It is a solution where everyone wins.