Gold Prize at the Top/Com Consumer Awards

Labeyrie Fine Foods and Lonsdale win Gold Prize at the Top / Com Consumer Awards for the repositioning and new territory of the Labeyrie brand.

Our mission:

  • Affirm the brand’s strong and dominant position in the 2 categories: land and seafood products
  • Regain consumer support towards the premium image of the brand
  • Reconstruct the brand image that was toppled by the competition

The agency has built a disruptive and coherent identity that works across both the local product (foie gras, cold meats, poultry) and seafood (salmon, trout) ranges. The usual market codes have been redefined to accompany the consumer on a new journey of discovery and an approach focused on taste emotions.

To express the 2 different product segments (Meat and Seafood), the agency has chosen an exclusive pictorial graphic expression, watercolour for the Seafood range, and acrylic for the Meat range.

The repositioning of the brand is bearing its fruit:

Labeyrie consolidates its leadership position with the strongest level of demand on the market by gaining 27 points with an index of 172 (vs the main brand competitor), compared to 150 last year.

The evolution of the identity linked to the new packaging range has made it possible to post significant growth:

  • Sales volumes progressed significantly with a growth of + 12.5% for the “sliced salmon” range, + 27% for the “Grand Origins salmon” range.
  • The complete range of the most premium products on the market (salmon cuts) recorded excellent store outflow rates from the first few weeks: + 83% on “salmon core fillet”, + 86% on “salmon whole fillet “.