New global design for Kiri

Best case

The famous cheese brand by the Bel group is getting a fresh look with the branding and design agency Lonsdale. A change that now allows it to display a global visual identity.

Born almost 60 years ago in France, but now present in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Asia, the Kiri brand has always been associated with gourmet and natural products. But its identity and packaging codes lacked authenticity and modernity.

Moreover, the brand needed to assert its iconicity in order to become a truly global brand through a single visual identity on all its markets.

After nearly two years of work, Lonsdale and Kiri unveil the brand’s new territory, which is in line with the growing expectations of the Millenials and Gen-Z for gourmet and natural products, and gives Kiri a fresh new look to reflect its new positioning “the power of kindness”.

The brand now has a single, global logo with a modernised design: the typography has been retained, while the sun, simplified and now part of the logo throughout the world, brings warmth, softness and luminosity.

On the packaging, the naïve illustrations are replaced by a more realistic treatment that highlights nature. The brand is immediately associated with its flagship ingredients – fresh milk and cream – guaranteeing its product superiority and its promise of deliciousness. High in the sky, it watches over a Nature revisited in a realistic and welcoming style.

The new design, which arrived on French shelves a few weeks ago and is currently being rolled out around the world, was designed both globally and locally by Lonsdale with the help of its partner agency Cowan in Asia and Bel’s teams, and then refined on the basis of consumer tests in France, Saudi Arabia and Japan. The specific expectations of the countries were integrated thanks to product claims and a visualization of the cream adapted to local consumers.

This collaboration was also an opportunity to create a system of range and product segmentation that would allow innovations to respond to local uses and insights, while fitting into a global brand architecture strategy.

For Céline Camilleri, Global General Manager of the Kiri brand: “This new design allows Kiri to reinforce its key attributes of naturalness and deliciousness, while giving more modernity and premiumity. Thank you and congratulations to Lonsdale for taking on the challenge of creating a new global design for our iconic brand.”