UDA changes name and becomes Union of brands

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Lonsdale helped the UDA in its transformation to become a Union of brands, and thus enable it to reassert its position and its mission to companies and their brands.

In an environment of rapid and complex transformation, it was essential that a recognized player get involved to serve the interests of companies and member brands. To begin the relationship, and in collaboration with Frank Tapiro, the agency designed the new identity and graphic territory for the Union of brands, thus completing 18 months of collaboration which allowed for the development and concrete implementation of its missions: to promote the freedom to communicate by developing responsible communication and to reinforce the effectiveness of the marketing and communication actions.

This name change is also a reflection of all the actions undertaken over the past several months to meet the needs of its members on the major topics that matter, including customer knowledge, innovation, reinvention of marketing professions, creativity and efficiency.

Franck Gervais, president of the Union of brands

Frédéric Messian, president of Lonsdale adds “our branding and design business is at the heart of the transformation of brands, we are very proud to have accompanied Union of brands.”