Valérie Ancelle joins the agency to manage MakeMyDay, the agency’s audiovisual production studio.

MakeMyDay develops creative video content to give meaning to brands and advise them on an optimal transmission in the digital sphere.

The brand is at the heart of our DNA, so depending on your needs, MakeMyDay makes and produces all types of films.

To amplify and engage your audiences, we create strong and relevant brand experiences.

Because a brand exists as much by what it says as by what it shows, we enrich the interactions between companies and their audiences.

MakeMyDay combines Lonsdale branding expertise with a video production company to fully activate the brand and its values.


27.06.2023 Best case

Launch of Bureau des Signes, Lonsdale’s signage design office

June 2023 – Faced with an ever-increasing number of regulatory standards and the needs arising from new uses for buildings,…
22.06.2023 Agency life

Creative Show 2023 !

Artists, jugglers, acrobats, magicians, tightrope walkers, contortionists… our creative people are all of these things. They proved this once again…
21.06.2023 Awards

Guerlain’s “Women for Bees” wins silver at the Deauville Green Awards!

The film “Women for bees“, made by our teams for Guerlain, was awarded silver in the biodiversity category at the…
26.05.2023 Best case

Lonsdale launches Créalab2, its augmented creativity tool

May 2023 – Lonsdale launches Créalab2, the next generation of its augmented creativity tool, using AI to project better, faster…