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In the digital era, print is becoming something original.

The Brief

“*Click*, *Ring*, *Pop*, *Cheers*, *Mmmm*”. It’s so easy to summarise the path of website users of, a French start-up specialising in online wine sales. With its top-quality smart offering and a club counting more than 100,000 members, we were asked to find an idea on a par with the brand’s status, to activate that community and keep it loyal.
A toast!

Our Recommendation

Boost sales? Why not try an approach in line with current trends? Thanks to our reverse publishing strategy, highlighting the virtue of print in the digital era, Lonsdale came up with an astonishing idea… To create a paper magazine! But hold on, we’re not talking about just any old advertising brochure or the umpteenth promo catalogue!
The idea was for the brand to consolidate links with communities of wine-lovers with very distinct tastes, in search of interesting knowledge.

Emotions, discoveries and new ideas are the main ingredients of this upmarket magazine.
An expert editor-in-chief and talented photographers join up twice a year to produce an issue with exceptional content printed on original paper.



Online sales boomed after each biannual issue of the magazine. A double reward since the publication won the the Communication & Entreprise prize for best external magazine.