Become the guardian of biodiversity

Bringing the Kiri® commitment to biodiversity to life

The brief

Protecting biodiversity is everyone’s business, but it is a priority for Kiri® (Bel Group), which has made it its brand fight, as natural resources have a direct impact on the quality of its products. Committed alongside WWF in a local agroforestry programme, the brand wants to raise awareness of its fight among children, the first consumers and actors of tomorrow.

The challenge: to talk about biodiversity while remaining true to the Kiri® brand purpose: “The power of kindness”.

Our recommendation

To affirm that Kiri® feeds all living things with kindness, we thought of the following battle for the brand: to protect the small, invisible and underestimated insects and animals that do so much for the living

Starting from a key insight: we only care for the things we have come to know and appreciate. So how can we introduce children to insects and make them appreciate them, so that they become the best guardians of biodiversity? By giving children tips on how to protect these small creatures that are so important to the balance of our nature.

Are you ready to take up the challenge and become the guardians of biodiversity? We have designed an initiation course, bringing together parents and children to discover 5 insects with unsuspected powers in the balance of our ecosystem: ladybirds, dung beetles, lacewings, earthworms and golden carabids. We thought of an edutainment operation to learn about them thanks to the upcycling of the 5 Kiri® packaging to transform a Kiri® box into a real insect, with a few folds and cuts. Take action by encouraging children to explore by making an observation box from the bottom of a Kiri® box. And finally, thanks to a digital relay, allow them to learn more about the role and way of life of insects thanks to tutorials enriched with an identity sheet available on the platform.

What we did :

Global activation concept | Local implementation | On-pack disruption | Digital | Global toolkit Operation

A large-scale operation, already deployed in the European market: onpack, POSM, SoMe and Digital relay.