Changing the rules of the category by inventing a new paradigm

The brief

Labeyrie’s ambition was to become the reference in the premium FMCG category with a wide offer of refined selected food products. To ensure future growth and new targets seduction, they decided to revolutionize the approach of the category, which was a bit outdated and only “origins” oriented. Their aim was to set a strong and unique story and territory to ensure a leading position in this new paradigm they wanted to create.

Our recommandation

The challenge was to switch from an ”origins” approach to the expression of sensorial gustatory emotions and aromatic profile of each product. Being pedagogic while being super emotional. To that end we developed a new vocabulary (both visual and editorial).

We clarified Labeyrie’s positioning – creator of gustatory emotions – and role as a brand – “ le façonneur ” and consequently created its new visual territory with unique assets, using disruptive codes.

We used a watercolour style for the sea category, expressing Labeyrie’s unique vision, full of sensation and poetry, against a white background : fresh, delicate and premium. But quite a bold choice compared to the current black shelf!

A pictorial style was then chosen for each segment. For example, acrylic style for “terroir” products. To enhance know-how, we designed each SKU by hand. They had to be emotional but conveying a specific sensorial profile (taste & texture). Obviously, a lot of attention was given to finishes : varnish, embossing, paper choice, …

Autre défi, et de taille : la largeur de la gamme ! Deux catégories principales, les produits de la mer (saumon fumé, truite) et les produits de terroir (foie gras, jambon…) avec un parcours d’achat complètement différent, 120 références dans différents segments, en permanent et fin d’année.

An additional challenge was the broadness of the range : two main categories, sea products (smoked salmon, trout) and “terroir” products (foie gras, ham…) with completely different purchase journey, 120 SKUS in different segments and in permanent and EOY. We had to define key messages and hierarchies for each of them, still ensuring an easy navigation.


“The new identity perfectly expresses the ambition of the brand. Lonsdale was able to own the history of Labeyrie to create a rich and singular territory, thus allowing the brand to continue to seduce and surprise, like our products.”

Agnès Barral, Marketing Director Labeyrie