It’s tea time


Fuze to launch!

The brief

5…4…3…2…1… Lift-off! When Coca-Cola wanted to enter the very challenging iced tea market, one could say they weren’t afraid to shoot for the moon! They were well aware that 6 out 10 French consumers did not drink iced tea during the year. That led to the following question: how can consumers be convinced to try Fuze Tea and make it a part of their daily lives?

Our recommendation

What’s the best time for an iced tea? Your time! With Fuze Tea, Lonsdale created an overall concept around the product’s signature expression “Dare the iced tea with the intense taste” and its promise of “just an instant for you”. It implemented a simultaneous and consistent re-launch across all distribution, food-service and out-of-home channels.

But we won’t stop there! To make the brand familiar, Lonsdale activated it across all media (news, digital, social) and conceived different experiences according to the contact points. The exceptional arrangements put in place at Total stations well illustrate this approach (Waze, waypointing the shopper path, experience-based).
A great step toward driving the ambition to become market leader.




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