The instant tea


A product launch that Fuzes!

The brief

5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Imminent launch! When Coca-Cola wants to invest in the already very challenged iced tea market, they are not afraid to aim for the moon! Knowing that 6 out of 10 French people do not drink iced tea during the year, the question arises: how do we convince consumers to test and adopt Fuze Tea at the heart of their lifestyles?

Our recommendation

The best time for iced tea? It’s yours! With Fuze Tea, Lonsdale created a holistic concept hinging on the product’s signature “Dare iced tea with an intense taste” and its tagline “serve yourself a little me-time” and orchestrated a coherent and simultaneous launch across all distribution channels, retailers and restaurants. 

But we did not stop there! To promote the brand, Lonsdale activated it on all the channels (media, digital, social, etc.) and developed differentiated customer experiences depending on the points of contact. The exceptional system set up at Total stations is a good illustration of the campaign (Waze, waypoints for shoppers, experiential route). A great stride in feeding the company’s ambition to become a market leader.



A real success with performances two times greater than the initial objectives!