The hunt is on!

Nurturing the equity of two different cheese brands in a common voice

The brief

Every year, the scenario repeats itself…. Spring has barely begun and already Easter chocolates are invading the points of sale. In this context of over-solicitation, how can a shopper be attracted by a brand of… cheese? How do you stand out enough to create preference?

And above all, how do you create a differentiating experience when your name is Bel and you have not one, but two distinct brands (Boursin® and Apéricube®) that want to express themselves through this joint event, when neither of them is really expected by consumers at this time?

In other words: how to create an impactful and unexpected activation that respects the equity and uniqueness of each of the two brands?

Our recommendation

In the continuity of the Christmas message, propose a new “one concept” shop scenography. For spring, the red thread this time takes the form of a re-enchanted garden, symbolising the renewal of green and flourishing nature.

For Apéricube® we revisited the egg hunt by creating “the cube hunt”, with an immersive digital experience in virtual reality, which plunges the shopper into a cubic universe in the brand’s colours.

To highlight Boursin® and culinarity, we invited gourmets to indulge in an animation around a #ToastChallenge, to inspire shoppers and give them carte blanche with the brand’s products, thanks to an Instagram photo contest around creative and seasonal recipes, to try to win a culinary trip “from the pick-up to the plate” alongside a starred chef.

And to take it a step further, a joint event is proposed around a tasting, allowing you to leave with a Boursin® spreader to spread these new recipes at home and make a lasting impression with this double in-store experience.

The results

  • 154 multi-brand events
  • 11,851 tastings carried out, i.e. an average of 77 per day for the 2 brands
  • On average 1 tasting generates 1.92 sales


Activation concept | In-store scenography | National competition game | Event animations | In-store tastings | Virtual experience