A new avenue for Sateba

The brief

In April 2021, Sateba, the French and European specialist in concrete ties and railway systems, with 1,000 employees around ten countries, left the European precast concrete group Consolis to join the TowerBrook Capital Partners investment fund. As such, a brand positioning and territory that match the ambitions of the new entity had to be created. There was also a need to support the internal launch to rally employees and unite them around a shared vision.

Our recommendation

We called on the project’s internal stakeholders, particularly those abroad, to work on the new brand positioning and to support the company’s strategy.

Creating lasting partnerships for truly durable, sustainable solutions” is the central idea that inspired the creation of the new territory, along with the company’s century-old expertise in the railway world. The result is an impactful identity, unique in its typographical and color choices. The variation of these new visual codes also responds to the challenges of digital use and motion design, the brand’s main means of expression.