Epex Spot

The pioneer of “good power”

The brief

Epex Spot is the European power exchange. Its mission: to ensure the equilibrium between supply and demand in the short term by determining the electricity price signal every day of the year in a highly competitive market. As a key and innovative player on the market, Epex Spot benefits from a powerful image as a leader in Europe and is strongly committed to both its customers as well as end-users, in particular with regards to the sustainable transition towards greener and carbon-free electricity.

How can one showcase this positioning and Epex Spot’s relationship with its stakeholders in its 2020 annual report?

Our recommendation

Showcase Epex Spot’s positive actions in a 100% digital annual report.

A pioneer on the market, Epex Spot innovates on a daily basis with new products and services for a more sustainable society. This positioning matches the claim in their 2020 annual report with an affirmed manifesto: “We believe in a good power”.

The report appeals to the reader and creates an interactive experience starting at the home page, inviting users to “switch” to a dark interface, symbolizing sustainable energy and less energy (“good power”).

The annual report is divided into 4 major themes (Business, Markets, Innovation, Policy & Society), where readers can discover Innovative projects, key topics and testimonials from clients and employees, which clearly show Epex Spot’s efforts to be better.