What’s in the Box?

The relational brand that grabs you.

The Brief

Where there’s a gift, there’s a Smartbox! French and European leader of the gift pack, Smartbox contacted us with one specific aim: to assert its position as leader of a sector that has become very competitive. How can preference for the brand evolve? How can discourse for contact points be harmonised?  How can customers be supported throughout the purchase experience?

Simply by implementation of consistent and innovative communication that makes an impact.
And that’s just fine. That’s what we do.

Our Recommendation

To offer a Smartbox is above all to offer “a living gift”.
At Lonsdale we are mainly concerned about encouraging that promise, at sales-points as well as during key international periods.
In sum: projective wording, immersive visuals, thematic and interesting stories and a brand tone that is now fully relational.


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