You got the look, coco !


When the parrot plays Phoenix.

The brief

When it’s been so long… It’s not too soon! For how long have we been waiting for Coco the parrot to come back? A mythical symbol of the 1980s alongside lapel pins and the Walkman, Tropico is back on the shelves after being taken over by the Coca-Cola group in 2018. But for the new launch to be successful, two problems must be tackled: to modernise its line, look and territory WHILE remaining loyal to the characteristics that made Tropico a unique and popular brand. Not easy. Right, Coco? But don’t worry, we’ll take care of everything.

Our recommendation

The original Tropico fans can rest assured: Coco, the famous parrot, is still around in 2019. What has Lonsdale contributed? A touch of modernity, a new offbeat urban spirit… in short, guidelines adjusted to a new target: the Z generation.

The bottles therefore bear their emblematic tropical colours and paradisiacal postcard decoration, while the cans have a novel and assumedly iconic multicolour rainbow. So what about Coco? He’s got the look, does our Coco! Entirely in line with the taste of the day, he again urges us to try his favourite drink. In the end, a strong message, symbol of a positive mind and contagious energy that stimulates each and every one of us.



So from may 2019, let’s meet by the shelves to discover new flavors. Which should please more than one person!