Lonsdale’s CTRL BRAND is a new entity dedicated to the production and deployment of omni-channel content at scale, with a dedicated team, guardian of the brand for each client, amplified by the power of data, automation and AI.

The offer has been crafted in response to a growing demand for brands to deliver high-volume marketing content across multiple formats, platforms and points of contact (e-commerce, social networks, digital in store, CRM …), while delivering a meaningful and consistent brand experience for consumers. The service delivers high-performance solutions by uniting the power of AI enabled tech and a dedicated brand team to increase impact and accelerate time to market, while protecting intellectual property.

At the heart of digital marketing and new technologies for the past 15 years, Michel has worked for the most prestigious agencies (Havas, AKQA and OLIVER/The Brandtech Group).

Throughout his career, from Chennai to London, he has collaborated with leading global brands like Hennessy, Unilever, Pernod Ricard, Hertz and Facebook, leading social media companies and large tech companies, working on complex and integrated initiatives.

Before joining Lonsdale, Michel was Director of Operations at OLIVER, a division of The Brandtech group, a pioneer in in-housing (implementation of digital marketing teams within client offices) where he developed successfully the French subsidiary.

Michel joins Lonsdale to launch CTRL BRAND: “We are ambitious, with a unique model, and we are legitimate to offer it thanks to Lonsdale’s recognized expertise as a branding leader. This is an important differentiating factor that gives us a lot of ambition for this new value proposition, because we cover the needs of content for all types of brands. Tomorrow, for example, having worked on packaging for Garnier, we will be able to immediately deploy this asset to create engaging and rewarding on-going content in CRM, on social networks, on Amazon or Tmall or in commercial animation in e-commerce.”

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Our offer


    • Digital/Print creative ideations
    • Writing captivating copy
    • Production of attractive omnichannel visuals and films (Social media, Influence, Booking platform, Web, CRM, Mobile app etc..)
    • Strengthening your presence and impact with your target audience


    • Adaptation of your digital/print content in all formats with the use of automation, maximizing process efficiency through automated solutions
    • Adapting your content to all countries, cultures and jurisdictions


    • Creation of a playbook on Do’s and Don’ts for each platform (Social, Web, Booking platforms, CRM) and each audience
    • Provide guides and masters that will allow your markets to use content in line with your overall content strategy

    • Optimizing the effectiveness of your content through performance analysis of your content
    • Social listening
    • A/B testing