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[ Breaking News ] Lonsdale consolidates its international footprint

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[ Breaking News ] Lonsdale acquires Why Brand design in Singapore

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[ Breaking News ] Welcome to Why Brand Design

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As a leading branding and design agency, in Paris and Singapore, Lonsdale supports brands of all types  – companies & institutions, products & services, retail places & offices – in defining their uniqueness, to build with them coherent and efficient omnichannel experiences.

Our vision

In a world where corporate strategies are often converging, where products and services have become globalized, where technology has created brutal disruptions, where new uses and new expectations are taking hold, brands play a critical role in creating meaning, distinctiveness and preference. Everything is evolving, and fast. Addressing the brand as an entry point is a powerful transformation tool, both internally and externally.


Crafting Beauty

Discover Lonsdale's unique savoir-faire dedicated to beauty and care. Our know-how was born from our unique combination of talents and passionate personalities. With a bold mindset and a strict attention to detail, we provide meaningful inputs to our clients in order to reveal the potential of their brands. Our ambitious creativity and our knowledge of international trends and markets, in Europe, Asia and the US, allow us to craft unique and daring brands that surprise, inspire, captivate and last.

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