Unlocking commerce


Created in 2007, PrestaShop is a French scale-up, historical reference of Open Source e-commerce platforms with a worldwide presence and more than 300 000 active customers.

In a context of strong acceleration of its growth and international expansion following the acquisition by the Italian group MBE Worldwide in 2022, PrestaShop operates in 2023 a major transformation of its business model by offering a SaaS solution on subscription.

How to support these shifts while strongly reaffirming PrestaShop’s historical Open Source DNA and thus create a powerful brand that will compete with the American Shopify? 


“There is no template for success”. 

Starting from the market observation that competitors project an idealized and standardized vision of e-commerce – a simplistic world where it is easy and quick to do business and succeed, PrestaShop wants to be realistic, open and straightforward, always on the merchants’ side.


With this brand idea, we open a new era of commerce, in which PrestaShop gives control to merchants so that each business can express its full potential.

Based on this bold positioning, we have imagined an ambitious brand expression: anchored in reality, impactful and straightforward, the PrestaShop brand is equally rich and diverse.

The logo and color palette are direct and simple, just like the PrestaShop solution.

At the heart of this identity, a typography, the PrestaFont, was created and developed specifically for PrestaShop.

With a set of 4 families of alternate glyphs – originating in the PrestaShop DNA – randomly generated throughout the texts, it reflects the diversity of merchants and the limitless customization offered by the solution.

The iconography, in an omnichannel spirit, mixes proximity photography and stylized illustration.

The photography tells a story of real life and the diversity of commerce experiences through a sincere photographic treatment, enhanced by an analog grain.

The illustrative treatment, more symbolic, describes in a lively and didactic way the interfaces and functional interactions of the solution.

Finally, our Digital Studio also designed and produced the new PrestaShop website, redesigning the relational approach thanks to a new technical structure and a more readable architecture, which makes it easier to navigate.

Long story short, we created an identity that breaks new ground in the market and a brand expression that is more PrestaShop than ever.