Entrepreneurs at heart


In 2022, NextStage was approaching its 20th anniversary: an opportunity to reaffirm its strategy, promote its ambitions and demonstrate its change of scale, with €7bn now under management and a strong local presence.

To reinforce the perception of the uniqueness of the NextStage brand among investors and entrepreneurs, the agency relied on the structuring elements of its positioning and its strong entrepreneurial philosophy: NextStage is as close as possible to its entrepreneurs, it is passionate about their projects and supports them with the help of its experts over the long term.


Put passion back at the heart of the brand’s message and identity: NextStage takes its business to heart and, above all, invests passionately in entrepreneurs.
It does so with conviction, seeking to be useful to the planet and to the growth of companies and regions.
It brings investment to life at the heart of innovation, getting to the heart of the issues and challenges to maximise investment performance.

More than a development capital fund, NextStage is a collective of investors, entrepreneurs and experts united by the same boldness and determination. This is at the heart of NextStage, giving us the energy to think differently and the strength to take concrete action.

To convey this brand spirit, we have designed a vibrant identity, with clean, modern design codes. A passionate red stands out against a sober, elegant palette of white and shades of grey. The ‘N’ remains the brand’s emblem, but is reinterpreted in a counter-shape made up of two red bars. These bars are the key element of this new visual territory and reflect the strong proximity of the NextStage teams to investors and entrepreneurs. We have applied this identity system to the entire NextStage offering.