Retail & architecture

Lonsdale AKDV is made up of 50 talented designers, architects, strategists, creatives and experienced consultants whose role is to design places, create new experiences, imagine new services, embody the brand's discourse, integrate projects into an omnichannel logic and integrate more responsible solutions.

Our vision

Our retail approach, combining specialized expertise and a rich ecosystem, allows Lonsdale AKDV to accompany its client partners across the entire design value chain (innovation, strategy, conception, implementation), with more coherence, more performance, more relevance, more impact and more meaning.

Our know-how

  • Design

    Storytelling & Red Thread

    Positioning & Brand platform

    Customer Journey & Users

  • Create

    Language & Place Identity

    Retail Design & Merchandising

    Office Design & Architecture

  • Implementing

    Development & Deployment

    Feasibility study & Project economics

    Project Management & Network Deployment

Our offers

  • An augmented experience

    In an open world where technology pushes the limits of what is possible, we bring our expert eye to help you build augmented experiences.

  • Designing and building a responsible customer experience

    Move from “CSR” to “CRE”, from a corporate-centric posture to a consumer-centric approach.
    Bringing commitments to life through a positive and involving experience with high added value.

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  • Optimize your retail experience

    Lonsdale AKDV helps you optimize your retail experience by answering these questions: how is your experience efficient, secure, omnichannel, unique and proprietary?

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Experience design

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Experience design


Experience design