Introducing rnlt© : Renault’s new distribution format, compact and immersive


With the Renaulution plan launched in 2021, Renault has transformed its strategy, from volume to value. To support the premiumisation of the brand, Renault chose Lonsdale to embody and bring to life the Renaulution through the entire physical experience (retail, events, car shows, tertiary, etc.). At a time when retail is suffering, Renault wants to show that “offline” commerce has not said its last word, by establishing itself in busy areas in city centers or in large commercial centers, closer to urban consumers.


Lonsdale supports Renault by rethinking its distribution network with a new concept point-of-sale format called ‘rnlt©’. A name that reflects this new type of distribution: modern, compact, a true condensed of the brand. These new stores provide visitors a comprehensive experience of the Renault brand and its products.

As a showcase for the brand, rnlt© concept stores will be placed in hyper downtown and large shopping centres. Their prime location as close as possible to urban consumers, guarantees optimal accessibility and maximum visibility, allowing these potential customers to discover the latest Renault models and innovations.

The first address of its kind, designed by Lonsdale, has just opened in Paris, at 104 boulevard Haussmann (8th arrondissement). On 180m2, to accommodate up to three vehicles, visitors get to explore two or three of the brand’s flagship vehicles put on display, but also an exclusive selection of The Originals Renault merchandise such as model cars, clothing, and accessories.

With rnlt©, Lonsdale establishes a new space design language for Renault, in the continuity of the motorshow stands or the pop-up boutique at 33 Champs-Elysées: emblems, diamond-shaped porcelain stoneware floor, black case which contrasts with the colors pop of the products, special attention to lighting…. In this compact space, with its smaller dimensions than classic Renault showrooms, every detail has been meticulously thought out to offer a total immersion into the Renault universe. Recognizable by the giant “New R” diamond affixed to the front and the letters “rnlt”, both of which can change colors according to the brand’s events, these stores have been designed by Lonsdale as real experiential showrooms, immersing the customer in an immersive universe where innovation, design and conviviality meet. Visitors will also be able to rely on the digital showroom installed on the site to help them find the vehicle that best suits their specific needs.  These spaces are designed to not only welcome visitors but also to inspire them. 

New openings of these rnlt© showrooms are planned in Paris but also in Neuilly-sur-Seine and Brussels, Milan, Rome, Rotterdam, Madrid, Berlin and Seoul. Under this new format dedicated exclusively to electric and hybrid vehicles, Renault wants to get closer to customers, strengthen its status as a popular culture brand, and present its services to attract CSP+ urban customers.

📷 2024 / Renault Group – © MARTIN-GAMBIER, Olivier et © CHARPENTIER, Thibault/Myphotoagency