Garnier Vitamine C

In need of Vitamin C ?

The brief

Create the design of a complete international offer for Garnier, the world’s leading natural beauty brand, while capitalizing on the success of a high-performance product promise emphasising Vitamin C.

Our recommendation

We have created the graphic territory for a complete new line of vitamin C skin care products for the European market. This territory is part of the brand’s new Green Science visual identity, and is based on the creation of a singular KV – the bulb, symbol of science -, and a two-tone design. Skin care aspect is brought through the white color and the rich texture of the formula, while the naturalness is expressed using a specific green tone and the visual of the ingredients.

As part of the new Vitamine C visual identity, Garnier also entrusted us with the creation of the design of an astonishing innovation for the skincare market, a 2-in-1 “Radiance Booster” cream serum, a real breakthrough innovation. The highlighting of a “dosing” bulb thus reflects the complementarity of natural care and dermactive effectiveness.