Get rid of complexes


Our Why by Lonsdale teams in Singapore remain the global strategic brand design agency for Unilever LUX. Over the past 10 years we’ve restaged the global core range three times, steering the brand design strategy while maintaining relevancy and consistency across markets. With most recent restage, launched in 2021, the ask was to shift the brand to appeal developing consumers who express their beauty & femininity unapologetically and to inspire women to be self-assured, independent, powerful and glamorous.


Approaching the restage from the brand world, we took a contemporary approach to the refresh. We modernized the logo, transitioning it from yellow gold to a younger and modern rose gold which delivers elegance, an attribute core to the brand and our consumers. We kept the flowers, a major brand cue, visualizing them with sophistication and an elevated style of vibrant dual tone reassuring the intoxicating scent that the product delivers.

While the infusion of more white on pack speaks to the skincare credibility the refresh of the signature brand elements shows that it’s still the same well-loved fragrance, but better with Everscentä essential oil that provides long-lasting fragrance.

This restage has shown a significant uplift in driving growth and keeping the brand contemporary in key markets and has regained the number one brand in terms of market penetration.