Garnier Bio

Revalorize the organic promise of the brand

The brief

Garnier is at the forefront of formulating natural products, inspired by nature. A momentum that originated in 1904, when Garnier filed the patent for the first hair lotion made from plants. More recently, it has taken an important step forward to become a more natural and responsible brand, in particular with ranges of certified organic products. How to better highlight this promise throughout the Garnier Bio range?

Our recommendation

To enhance the organic promise of the brand, we have created a strong and singular graphic territory expressing an effective naturalness instilled by green science Garnier: a two-tone green and white design enriched by visuals where nature and science merge.

We have renovated the entire range and rolled out this territory to all products for the European market, while integrating new, make-up forward innovations for the organic skincare market, such as “Rose Eclat” tinted 3in1 day cream.