Castellet brewery

A beer with a sprawling identity

The Brief

The Castellet brewery has entrusted Lonsdale with the creation of a new brand of Provencal beer: FADA. The name alone piques the interest.

Our Recommendation

It’s all about friendliness and quirkiness for the identity of this craft beer rooted in Provence. This beer which takes you to the heart of Provence expresses a truly artisanal identity, with labels surrounded by waving yellow, green or blue tentacles, depending on the flavor. Once you’ve had a taste of one of the 3 FADA flavors, it won’t be long before its eye-catching and memorable icon, a friendly-looking octopus, becomes your new (and perhaps only) favorite devilfish.

FADA’s tentacles are deployed in 3 different savors: the FADA BLONDE at 5.5° which does a great job at expressing the fresh and floral aromatic heart of the Mistral hops; the FADA BLANCHE at 5°, with notes of orange peel and coriander, enriched with a hint of rosemary Provençal; and the FADA SUNNY IPA at 5°, a fresh and tasty beer with a slight taste of tropical fruit.

Produced in the Var, FADA beer is 100% locally and responsibly sourced. Go crazy and enjoy!