Canard Duchêne

The Brief

With new emerging categories like sparkling wines or high-priced craft beers who seek to replace that special moment of champagne tasting, Canard-Duchêne intends to continue winning over new consumers, younger, more urban and international. How? By rejuvenating the brand and making it more premium.

On its 150th anniversary, Canard-Duchêne set one simple goal: to assert itself as what it is, a luxury heritage brand, full of freedom and independence.

Our Recommandation

Nothing beats an iconic birthday to look into tomorrow! “Cultivating your freedom” is the new brand territory concept. Cultivating your freedom is paying tribute to the entrepreneurial spirit of Victor Canard and Léonie Duchêne, who founded the brand in 1868. It is making freedom a state of mind, for Maison Canard-Duchêne as for those who taste its champagne. This freedom is also accompanied by a freedom of tone and daring in graphics, with twirling feathers, a nod to  its founders, in the often constrained universe of champagne houses.

Thanks to this daring modernization work, we helped the brand achieve a price repositioning of more than one euro per collar in large distribution (data IRI). Canard-Duchêne is the only champagne house to have succeeded in such a price repositioning in 2018.