(Direction Générale de l'Administration et de la Fonction Publique)
Public service within the reach of your smartphone

The brief

After having designed the new public service recruitment site “Place de l’Emploi Public”, the Direction Générale de l’Administration et de la Fonction Publique continues its collaboration with Lonsdale, to deploy its mobile app and provide a brand-new user experience.

Our recommendation

With the mobile application, it is now possible to apply for a public service job offer with your smartphone. Thanks to an optimized user experience, the job search is refined within a few clicks. Among the developments, the app’s integrated geolocation makes it simply possible to view nearby offers.

Aimed at public officials on the move and new talents who wish to take up a public employment job, the PEP’s mobile recruitment application is available online on the Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore!

With around 25,000 job vacancies available on an ongoing basis, Place de l’Emploi Publique is the first public service job posting site. The website, which was also designed by the agency, recorded more than 5 million visitors in 2019 and more than 130,000 job applications were submitted there that same year.

The range of services will be expanded in the coming months with new features, such as the management of talent pools and the integration of other professional social networking sites.