La Poste Mobile

Revitalize the brand to make digital life more practical and accessible

the brief

To emerge in the highly codified and homogenized telecommunications sector, highlighting the reasons for choosing La Poste Mobile and relying on values inherited from the parent brand: consideration, accessibility, simplicity, and optimism.

Stand out in a universe that is becoming ever-more uniform, with unlimited data becoming the norm, bottom prices, and exponential data.

Our recommendation

We were convinced that preference would be given to whoever placed humanity at the heart of their proposal, making everyone’s connected lives simpler and happier.

To do this, we had to transform La Poste Mobile from a telco operator into a service operator, an attitude fueled by the spirit of service and service innovation that characterize La Poste. Our creation: La Poste Mobile, pop and popular! A peculiar, sparkling, and colorful personality that brings brand and customer closer together.