Cooking made easy!

The brief

The quality, freshness and ease of use are an integral part of purchasing criteria where cooking, which has become one of the main passtimes for French households, is concerned.

But today, a large part of these consumers do not consider using Maggi products which they too often associate with traditional cooking.

The objective: to create a new territory of singular and attractive expression to match the image of a brand as strong as Maggi.

Our recommendation

Lonsdale developed two new concepts for cooking aids, from strategy to packaging, with a particular challenge: reaching a double target. On one hand, rookies with no cooking skills and in great need of advice, and on the other, cooks with basic skills in search of time and inspiration.

These two innovations stand out from the category of current cooking aids through their new territory of expression inspired by the simple, direct and contemporary style of batch cooking books, which nourishes the heritage of the mega brand.

The first rang, Mes Poêlées consists of 3 references of aromatic flavors with natural ingredients, to be added to your own culinary preparations.

The second range, Recette Facile!, comes in 8 recipes accompanied by instructions for beginners and promises a tasty dish in less than 25 minutes by adding only 3 or 4 ingredients listed on the pack.