May 2023 – Lonsdale launches Créalab2, the next generation of its augmented creativity tool, using AI to project better, faster design.

For Sandra Joly, Partner in charge of Consumer Branding at Lonsdale: “Marketing briefs are built on words, which can evoke a variety of images. Generic concepts such as premium or natural can give rise to very different visual interpretations. Aligning ourselves upstream with the meaning and illustrations of this concept makes it possible to define a tight, targeted framework for creative exploration, and to accelerate a project’s time to market. This collaborative approach has the virtue of uniting teams around a common objective and shared choices, and represents a definite gain in time and efficiency for our customers“.

This offer has already won over a number of brands, as Xavier Blanquart, Marketing Director at Henkel, can testify: “The CreaLab tool has been very useful in helping us to define our needs and expectations in developing the future of the Le Chat brand. This type of workshop is the ideal tool for Lonsdale, as it gives them the best briefs, but also for the advertiser, as it allows them to ask questions that haven’t yet been raised, and therefore to clarify their vision… and ultimately, their design expectations.

For Cyril Colson, Marketing and R&D Director at Santé Verte: “During our brand redesign project with the Lonsdale team, we discovered the Créalab: a creative workshop based on co-construction and cross-functionality. We were impressed by this innovative approach and the quality of the results we achieved: accessible, fun and practical, this tool has been a real booster of creativity and commitment for all the teams“.

Créalab2 takes the form of creative co-construction workshops with different client profiles and the agency’s consultants and designers, to align visions and build a solid, inspiring creative framework.


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