Benvenuti a Casa, Ferrero’s new HQ, a mound of Italian culture.

The brief

Welcome to Ferrero’s new world headquarters: a magnificent 70,000 m2 building with 30,000 m2 of work and living spaces. It accompanies the brand’s new ambition of improving the well-being of employees and bringing together people of all nationalities.

But how can one embody, within a shared space, a story of Italian culture outside of Italy? How can one reveal, in a simple building, the DNA of the company: its identity, its Italian roots, its anchorage in a cultural ancestral heritage and its taste for elegance and delicacy? How can one offer employees an experience rooted in the brand’s values of excellence, which creates pride in belonging?

Our recommendation

Before defining the interior architecture of the different spaces, we immersed ourselves at Alba in Piedmont, a location that harbors Ferrero’s Italian roots, and its iconic brands: Kinder, Ferrero Rocher, Mon Chéri, Raffaello, Nutella, and Tic-Tac. Our mission? To understand the history of Ferrero and to acquire the harmonious, functional and aesthetic qualities needed to do develop the perfect HQ.

La Casa Ferrero is the living and vibrant heart of the group, rhythmed by the light, where new ideas are constantly sprouting, and where decisions are made by the minute. The spectacular central Piazza, made up of totemic elements, is a powerful architectural gesture. The huge staircase and walkways, vectors of flow, are specifically designed to irrigate the floors and bring people together. It’s a real indoor village square, an open space that convenes the various teams of the house.

Four beautifully designed restaurants encourage staff encounters and enable an everyday change of setting and comfort. Each day, employees can sit down with a different view, lighting or soundscape.

Four years of working alongside our architects and voila: La Casa Ferrero is ready! Discover a unique atmosphere that brings out the brand’s core values: family, people, humility, generosity. The interior architecture successfully reflects the brand’s Italian roots, its anchorage in a cultural ancestral heritage and its taste for elegance and delicacy – a unique and singular identity!