Le comptoir du bain

(Laboratoires Gilbert)
Consolidating its position as a leader in pharmacies by enhancing its brand DNA and clarifying its product offering.

THE Brief

Faced with the price war on solid soaps and in order to consolidate its position, Le Comptoir du Bain, leader of the category in pharmacies, wished to recreate value for its brand, which had lost its appeal over time. In parallel with the development of cleaner product formulas and more responsible packaging, Laboratoires Gilbert entrusted Lonsdale with the task of assisting them in the global relaunch of the Le Comptoir du Bain brand: repositioning, brand identity and packaging ranges.

OUR recommEndation

To create desirability for an impulse product by telling the story of the brand: the combination of Marseille soap with its natural anti-viral virtues and the imagination of the Comptoirs where botanical essences with sensory and therapeutic powers were selected.

To determine a new positioning while remaining true to the brand DNA of Comptoir du Bain, the challenges were multiple: to identify and bring out the brand’s uniqueness in a very crowded category; to gain attractiveness on an impulse purchase product when other networks already meet the same needs; and to upgrade a product that has been overused by adopting signs of quality and commitment.

The agency recommended that the brand build its positioning around a botanical resonance that would capitalize on the evocative brand name (Comptoir) and highlight the brand’s unique know-how around botanical essences.

The new identity designed by our creative team is inspired by codes from the world of trade counters and botanicals and is available in 3 different ranges: the authentic – natural hygiene for the whole family – , the essential – active botanical care -, the stopovers – exclusive collections.