The best way to connect … is to come on over.

The brief

The internet’s truly great… Except that for most shops the rise of e-commerce has scaled up all customer demands.
When Orange realised that its physical shops were attracting increasingly fewer web-surfers, who can easily find more information and choices online, the next question asked was the following: how can we bring customers back to shops?
Which we answered by asking another question:
Why not create shops that radically transform the customer experience?
That’s just it. So why not?

Our recommendation

If you’re going to sell Smartphones, why not do it in SmartStores!?
To help Orange rework and transform its offer to better meet the expectations and usages of daily life, we first sought to find out what customers wanted to experience in order to conceive a unique target experience for them.

We then conceived and rolled out a totally new customer experience, free, connected, demonstrative and centred on everyday use by everyone… And we didn’t forget to enhance the quality of the customer/seller relationship and perception of the brand’s services.
Born from the meeting of design thinking and strategic objectives, the SmartStores nowadays embody the best of the connected world in spaces for discovery and warm experimentation, led by competent and committed teams.

“With the SmartStore project, we offer a sensorial and intuitive approach of technology in a shop where surprising experiences happen, a workshop, exhibition and event”

Carine Rebstock – Fontana International Retail Director – Orange