From a blank page… to a range of innovative products

The brief

At the origin of this project in 2019 is a meeting.

A meeting around the Go Gray study, led by Lonsdale’s strategic planning, after which Biogaran called upon the agency for its expertise in the senior market with one desire: to create a breakthrough innovation for this target.

The objective: to explore new territories of opportunities specific to young seniors, unfortunately still too often neglected by brands.

our recommendation

Lonsdale, therefore, supported Biogaran throughout its innovation process, from the design thinking stage: a one-year innovation process, implementing all the agency’s skills (consulting, strategic planning, innovation, creation…) as well as those of the customer (marketing, trade, and R&D) and the target audience (consumers and pharmacists).

Passing through the ethnology of its target and its prescribing pharmacists to the creation of the brand, its positioning, naming, branding, packaging, visual territory, and activation.


Thus was born Noeréka, the brand new brand dedicated to mental well-being.

Noeréka is positioned as the first brand to offer a range of food supplements that address mental well-being as an integral part of overall well-being, in a holistic and preventive approach, with references dedicated to sleep, emotional stability, or even intellectual performance.

Its name, which evokes neural connections and the acquisition of new mental awareness, represents an innovative vision and a deep reconnection with oneself.

As for the brand’s values, they are built around 4 essential pillars: transparencyexpertisenature, and finally innovation, via the expression of the patented Saphénol complex present in the entire range, a symbol of Biogaran’s scientific know-how.