Nestlé Health Science

Facilitate the management of undernutrition

The brief

Facing increasing competition, Nestlé Health Science, a leader and pioneer in medical nutrition, wanted to rethink its brand strategy, as well as its portfolio of brands and products.

To do so, our teams had to take into account the specificities of a complex market, mainly driven by medical prescriptions, and including different target groups: healthcare professionals (pharmacists, general practitioners, hospital specialists, etc.), patients and caregivers, distribution networks, etc.

Our recommendation

We adopted a Design Thinking approach, based on co-construction with the Marketing, R&D and Design teams of Nestlé Health Science. By combining research, ideation, branding and design, our experts in Innovation & Business Design, Consumer Branding and Strategic Planning established that the category and the variety of ranges and products were not clearly understood by its targets.

Lonsdale brought forth a new paradigm to transform the category: the need to refocus not on experts but on patients, to meet the challenge of compliance and health of its beneficiaries.

To facilitate the management of undernutrition, Lonsdale has designed the Protiscore. A new, innovative and proprietary tool, patented, which allows the quantity of protein present in each product to be indicated legibly – an innovative approach, useful for patients, carers and health professionals, which helps them to navigate the range to promote proper treatment follow-up. It is also intended to serve as a common basis for discussions on health protocols and compliance.

According to Violaine Meyer, Medical Nutrition Marketing Director at Nestlé Health Science: “With 2 million people suffering from malnutrition in France, including 20 to 40% of people in hospital, and 40% of cancer patients, it was important to be able to address a wide range of targets in a clearly understandable way. The idea of the Protiscore designed by Lonsdale is brilliant in its simplicity, and it meets a real need. This approach is very well received and appreciated by healthcare professionals.”

For clarity, the decision was made to keep only one of the two existing brands in the portfolio. Renutryl disappears in favour of Clinutren for a better understanding of the ranges, accompanying the transition of references from one brand to the other. Clinutren’s new positioning, more emotional while keeping its expert brand codes, is embodied in a new logo and a new signature “active renutrition”.

With an organised and structured navigation, the new packaging improves the perception of product quality, with on the one hand, the naturalness and deliciousness of the ingredients and on the other hand, a clear reading of the professional expertise of the brand, with simplified product names. They also make the most of the visual expression of the Protiscore, didactic and educational, to quickly visualise the protein content of each product on the packs.