(Les Bienheureux)
Emerge on the shelves with the story of a cellar master.

THE brief

With the ambition of shaking up the spirits market by offering innovative and high quality products, Les Bienheureux had set itself a new challenge for 2021: to complete their offer with the creation of an organic, artisanal and unique French gin, in order to meet consumers’ expectations for more responsible products.

How could we seduce consumers and stand out in the flourishing gin category? 

OUR recommEndation

From the beginning, our teams worked closely with Philippe Laclie, master distiller. The brand name and the creative idea associated with this gin were then found: L’Acrobate, as a wink to Philippe Laclie who juggles with the ingredients on the edge of his creativity.

A double tribute to the master distiller and to the innovative ingredient: spirulina

A symbol of balance, intuition, but also of the creative madness from which the recipe of this gin comes. Beyond the brand name, the design also features a literal representation of a tightrope walker embodying the creator of the juice, holding a branch of spirulina… The illustrative and pencilled treatment allows the artisanal side to be highlighted. The bottle is entirely tinted with a green spirulina color allowing it to attract the eye and to stand out on the shelf.

An original choice of glass volume that stands out with panache

The small labeling area highlights the case, which remains pure, to echo the product. A touch of orange to assert with confidence and pride the product positioning: GIN DE FRANCE, flashing on the shelf. A revolving label, parallel to a taut thread, which leads the consumer to turn the bottle over and read the information and text on the back label.