A taste for travel

The brief

Faced with increased competition, Destination wanted to regain its position as a specialist organic network in order to recover lost market share. At the same time, the brand wanted to rediscover the breadth of its offer – whose coffee and tea ranges are very wide and made up of several segments – in order to clarify navigation within it.

In order to ensure its growth and create preference, the brand asked the agency to build a new territory of expression that is more emotional, clearly expresses its positioning and is visually stronger.

Afin d’assurer sa croissance et créer de la préférence, la marque a sollicité l’agence pour construire un nouveau territoire d’expression plus émotionnel, exprimant clairement son positionnement, plus fort visuellement.

Our recommendation

The challenge was to move from a highly functional approach to an emotional one by creating experiences for each product.

For this new territory of expression, we put the product back at the heart of the creation to reconnect the consumer with taste. A brand new graphic vocabulary was developed around the brand’s fundamentals: the trips during which the founders discovered products and created partnerships with producers. The role of the brand was also clarified: it became the guarantor of product quality.

A new visual territory was then created with unique and strong assets: codes of authenticity, authenticity, travel, and an associated segmentation and sub-segmentation allowing each product to express its promises.