Read, breathe


To take up a book is to take your time.

The brief

The problem with tablets is that the smell of new paper is missing.
In a time marked by dematerialisation and Amazon readers, it’s hard for neighbourhood bookshops to see a future in the trade. That’s why the bookstores of the Madriball group (Gallimard, le Divan and le Divan Perché) asked us to reinvent the bookshop experience with a simple idea: base everything on the pleasure of reading.

Our recommendation

To take up a book is to take time for yourself:
Time to sit down comfortably, to let your thoughts run free, time to enjoy an atmosphere, sounds, smells… time simply to listen. Because no website can ever offer this kind of experience, we decided to distance ourselves from the Amazon approach and conversely to emphasise the specificities of a bookshop.

We conceived light-filled spaces, knowing how make both books and booksellers look very good indeed!
This veritable invitation to enter is combined with an overall sense of profusion, of advice and freedom, encouraging whoever crosses the threshold to plunge into the discovery of a clear and refined offering.



I applied the Amazon Can’t Do” concept. Our aim was to create a warm and welcoming space where customers could feel at home.

Philippe Touron – bookshops Director of the Madrigall group.


+ 20%
visits to Gallimard booksellers since reopening.