(Groupe Madrigall)
Making time for a book is making time for yourself.

The Brief

What makes a book better than an e-reader? The smell of new paper, of course! At a time of dematerialization and Amazon e-readers, neighborhood bookstores are struggling to keep afloat. It is for this reason that the bookstores of the Madrigall group: Gallimard, Le Divan et le Divan Perché, asked us to reinvent the bookstore experience with a simple idea: to bet everything on the pleasure of reading.

Our Recommendation

To make time for a book is to make time for yourself: time to settle in comfortably, to let go of your thoughts and worries, time to enjoy the atmosphere, noises, smells… simply, time to listen. Since no website can ever offer this kind of experience, we decided to move away from Amazon codes by showcasing what makes a bookstore special.

First things first, we brightened things up and made room for the books and booksellers! The invitation is open: step inside and discover a unique world of profusion, advice and freedom. Those who enter are guaranteed to leave with a feeling of satisfaction, even if they leave empty-handed.

“I applied the Amazon-Can’t-Do concept. Our end goal was to create a warm and welcoming place where customers can feel at home.”

Philippe Touron – Director of the Madrigall group bookshops.



+20% traffic at the Gallimard bookstore after its reopening.