Redesign the range of the pet food leader brand


Pet Food market has evolved strongly in the last few years : later than on other categories, naturality and innocuity have become main drivers, on top of existing ones. Premiumness within the category was being then redefined.

Consequently, a lot of new comers joined the game, some being very quickly successful and challenging historic leader brands.

In this context, and despite very good business results, Purina One was aware that they needed to anticipate further changes by reviewing their positioning and their visual identity accordingly.

The project was involving every EU market : France, Italie, Spain, UK, Germany, Russia. We had then to provide final deliverables which would be easily usable by local agencies still ensuring brand consistency.



Our team faced several challenges :

  • Think about the adaptation of the brand to new structuring trends of the market around naturality, without denying its historic and powerful scientific DNA, which was still a strong purchase driver.
  • Embody this new brand storytelling in our own special way, finding ownable and disruptive codes&signs to be in line with our leader position, maintaining or even increasing the level of premiumness.
  • Keep a strong brand recognition as the markets didn’t want to harm their great business results.
  • Create a design relevant in each country,  taking into account their specific strategies and constraints, various formats & variants & number of languages.

The team had already updated the positioning but we had to review the storytelling to precise it and make it credible and truly different from competition. We had to define then the visual encoding corresponding to this new storytelling and especially the embodiement of the new vision of the scientific expertise of Purina One, integrating its own vision of naturality

After having selected one story, we developed several visual identities which were optimised after test to get final result.

With our image experts, we developed a brand icon that has the perfect movement, proud and facing consumer and conveys the particularity of the Maincoon personality : bold and charismatic.

To allow the team to develop the whole ranges in every country, we worked on key masters and then develop guidelines providing great guidance.


In Switzerland, Purina One doesn’t exist. Vital Balance is the premium expert brand of Purina’s portfolio, with strong similarities between the two brands in terms of positionings and visual identity, but also true differences, starting with the branding.

Lonsdale had to renew the visual identity of Vital Balance, injecting the new assets we developed for Purina One, but reworking them so they fit Vital Blance.

For example, the O shape was a strong branding system matching Purina One identity, but we had to rethink it completly to match Vital Balance.