Del Arte

(Groupe Le Duff)
Rethinking the business model of the leading Italian restaurant chain


In a tense economic climate, the famous Italian restaurant brand Del Arte is facing up to changing consumer habits and expectations.

How can we consolidate the appeal of our core business – families and senior citizens – and give them new reasons to come?

How can we recruit Gen Z, a younger, more urban target group?


During more than 18 months, Del Arte adopted an intrapreneurial approach in collaboration with our teams to rethink the F&B offer, services, operating model, concept, brand, etc. The agency joined the Innovation Concept – F&B teams under the aegis of Del Arte’s General Management to explore the needs and uses of the new targets, Gen Z and Y, and the opportunities in adjacent markets (beer, coffee, work), define the brand’s new value proposition, establish the target B-to-C experience, and challenge the model: cost/revenue analysis, customer benefits/risks and operational feasibility. Our teams developed the target pathways and omnichannel experience, as well as the new retail concept, and repositioned the brand and its identity.

The new brand territory has a more urban graphic style, with colourful, positive visuals and inviting scenes of life, to embody a modern, lively Italy.

Our teams have opted for modernity with a completely rethought concept, more omnichannel, more nomadic, more experiential, based on two promises:

  • The traditional restaurant has become a place for multiple experiences throughout the day, with different atmospheres depending on the areas chosen by customers;
  • Customer journeys are rethought in the light of new services: click & collect, delivery, etc. and new functions. In order to offer a new experience, the concept is based on three complementary areas designed to cater for every moment of consumption:

The ‘Ristorante’ module offers more traditional dining in a friendly, cosy space, with a variety of atmospheres and seating to suit customers’ tastes. Customers can watch their pizzas being made, thanks to the choice of positioning the dedicated oven at the very heart of the establishment.

The “Cafferitivo” module, symbolised by the installation of a very large bar-counter at the very entrance to the establishment, open all day long, offers a range of products adapted to special drinking moments, from morning coffee to the Italian-style “aperitivo” in the evening, a moment particularly targeted by Del Arte, with a dedicated drinks menu and new food ranges geared towards snacking. This new space is also a great place to catch up with friends over sporting events (a screen is integrated) or music.

Lastly, the ‘A casa’ module has been designed and adapted to suit the needs of customers wishing to take advantage of the takeaway, delivery and Click & Collect services, with a ‘drive’ and a 100% digital pathway. These clearly delineated customer paths should also make it possible to absorb more takeaway and delivery sales (part of the kitchen is disconnected and reserved for this service), while avoiding interaction (and possible nuisance…) between restaurant customers and delivery drivers.

Our teams have also supported the internal transformation with head office, managers and franchisees to launch a first restaurant of 344m2 (90 seats) inaugurated in Joué-lès-Tours in December 2022.