A multiple experiences incubator

The brief

A must-see address in the capital of Flanders, 31 rue de Béthune, formerly known as the home of Galeries Lafayette, is being reinvented. The 31 is designed as a new address of 25,000m², which is unlike any other, bringing together shops, offices and a hotel. Far from shopping centres, this place is an incubator of multiple experiences, in total fusion with the expectations and uses of today’s consumers.

The building is structured in such a way that there is no common space to address the different targets. How can the vision of this extraordinary project and its innovative dimension be disseminated without having a physical space for expression on the site?

Our recommendation

Capitalise on powerful storytelling and a digital communication system to embody the vision of Le 31 and bring its community to life.

Our concept: more than an address, Le 31 is a new generation media that constantly transmits positive energy.

Our territory of expression illustrates this permanent movement, this openness to the world around us. The 31 logo becomes a window that opens to broadcast content and new experiences, serving its community (the residents and their audience).