Adapting the kitchen to new purposes

The brief

82% of French people say that cooking is an integral part of family life. A subject that Ixina knows all too well, having known how to successfully adapt its designs to evolving habits.

The first kitchen designer to venture into online sales and pioneer of 3D viewing in the market, Ixina, in its position as a dynamic challenger, has always been a bold and innovative brand. So, the question is how can we help them promote this commercial dynamism and showcase their innovative spirit? What can we do to help them become THE expert of fully equipped kitchens that they intend to be – the one that offers the best kitchen solutions while respecting everyone’s real needs?

Our recommendation

Rejuvenate the brand and give a warmer welcome to customers that recalls the universal and accessible nature of the brand.

Its logo, having become outdated and laden, was redesigned by our teams and simplified. Significant work was done to the X of Ixina, which became a key element of the logo, at the center of the 2 “i”s. It symbolizes the coming-together of Ixina and its expertise on the one hand, and the client and their project on the other. It also became the center of a logo that would allow Ixina to deploy a territory of wealth, with a deeper blue, complemented by bright colors.

The new store concept breaks with the impersonal codes of sales areas and relies on proximity and emotion to improve the customer experience. It offers a new and inviting response that takes each person’s lifestyle into account. It’s a place to meet and share, where the client becomes the key player in their own project.

Thus, to create the element of surprise from the very entrance of the store, we designed a new space: a mapped event kitchen (a neutral kitchen on which a video loop is projected to show different elements, products and facades so that customers can get a full-size view). The Ixina mapped kitchen offers a concrete vision of the field of possibilities of the different creative proposals, for a real inspirational effect.

A fun and educational feature of this change is the co-creation space, equipped with a large drawing table located in the middle of an elaborate material library where customers can touch, assemble, compose, and produce… guided by the expert advice of Ixina teams. Complementing the kitchen layout, the co-creation space offers a range of decorative accessories.

The desire to excel and innovate, where customer experience is concerned, is upheld with the installation of a functional kitchen to accommodate the customer and make it feel “just like home”. It’s a “place to live” that transforms into a place of conviviality for moments of sharing, where advisers and customers can participate in culinary initiation workshops and other sales animations.

Last but not least, several workstations have been set up on both sides of the central reception area in order to receive customers in a warm and welcoming way, with new office spaces combining transparency and confidentiality.

Already applied in Orleans and Brussels, this new concept should soon be extended to other outlets as well as to the new store openings.