Citroën AMI

Redefining retail with Citroën AMI

The brief

In 2020, Citroën intended to make urban mobility accessible to all with Ami – 100% electric. A concrete response to the new mobility expectations for short journeys: easier access to town centers, micro-mobility means adapted to all, real alternatives to scooters, bicycles, scooters, public transport, solutions at reasonable costs, new consumption methods turned to digital… The challenge for us: what forms of distribution will match up to this innovation? What innovative point of sale device can effectively market it?

Our recommendation

Reach out to customers at the heart of their new consumption patterns by offering a modern and disruptive customer journey. This is how, with the help of Lonsdale, Citroën broke out of its usual distribution method by signing a partnership with the Fnac and Darty networks, pioneers in urban mobility solution marketing, to present Ami. The brand is also developing mobile test centers via containers with specific architecture placed in high-traffic areas. All this in addition to a traditional presence in official Citroën points of sale.

Lonsdale has designed a comprehensive point of sale system that perfectly matches Ami: accessible to all and innovative. With its strong identity, this sales device breaks the codes of the automobile industry by playing with materials (wood, metal) and colors (orange) to bring a playful and quirky spirit. Building on the image of an accessory box that opens, our retail team created pierced wooden panels to display the various customization accessories and lifestyles products that come with Ami. With a front view and attached by Brandenburg-end tensioners, they give customers the impression of being in front of an assembly toy set. The packaging of the customization kits was also built on this idea of an assembly game box. The use of raw cardboard with an almost technical layout of Ami casts the customer’s imagination into the assembly game universe.

The result

200 online orders within the first week of May, deployment in 39 Fnac Darty points of sale since summer, and in more than a hundred Citroën dealerships. With this device, Lonsdale and Citroën won gold prize at the Grand Prix Stratégies du Design’s Environment, Signage, Museography category, and also distinguished themselves in the Top Com Consumer and E-marketing Trophies for the Best Customer Conquest Campaign category.