Société générale

Be unique

The brief

Société Générale wishes to reinvent the relationship between the client and their bank and increase the exposure of new services by giving clients a reason to go to their local branch.

Our recommendation

Lonsdale has created a bank branch concept for Société Générale, open, lively and communicating with the two main objectives above: to rekindle customer relations with the bank and to boost the visibility of new services by inciting customers to visit physical branches.

Supported by the new brand platform “you are the future” and the ambition to put the customer at the center of its promises, the concept was deepened by a resolutely client-centric vision, which forms part of an ongoing design thinking process.

Intended for both individuals and professionals, the concept highlights a clear and effortless path that supports the undertaking of all personal, family and professional projects.

From the outside, the new Société Générale agency borrows traditional commercial codes to stand out and encourage customers to enter.

This new layout reinvents the way consultants work and allows them to gain in proximity, cohesion and collaborative exchange. It also gives agency advisors more leeway with their clients and enables them to physically exceed their needs and expectations.

The project was carried out with commitment and determination, in co-creation with a multidisciplinary team from Société Générale (Communication, Brand, Marketing, Digital, Client, Architecture, Works, …).