Soul of Craft

Made in France since 1828, Guerlain’s philosophy is rooted in the encounter between traditions and innovation. To celebrate this special heritage, Guerlain is proud to shine a light on the artisans who bring this knowledge to life, elevating it to ever-greater excellence – the men and women who represent the soul of craft.

Dame de table, production engineer, chef des opérations parfumerie, créateur de Météorites… les métiers emblématiques de la Maison de Luxe Guerlain sont sublimés à travers une série de portraits réalisée par nos équipes.

Partez à la rencontre de Didy, Camille, Roberto et Patrick.



Cannes Corporates Awards 2022 – Human Resources Category.

One of the Maison Guerlain’s six Dames de Table, Didy and her colleagues act as curators of Guerlain’s unique savoir-faire. From subtly tightening a knot and delicately smoothing out a silk ribbon on a bottle of Shalimar, to making a cut with impeccable precision when finishing a Bee Bottle, Didy’s technical skills, attention to detail and unparalleled dexterity combine to add the finishing touch to each of the personalised Bee Bottles that leave the Guerlain ateliers.

Camille, Production Engineer at Guerlain, reveals the secrets of Abeille Royale Advanced Youth Watery Oil’s unique formula and revolutionary composition.

Perpetuating the love of fine craftsmanship that began with the Maison’s founding in 1828, Roberto crafts his Météorites with the soul of an artist and the precision of a scientist. Each of his luminous compositions is unique, the result of almost a quarter of a century of savoir-faire shared with only four other craftsmen.

Patrick transforms the Guerlain Master Perfumer Thierry Wasser’s vision into a reality, skilfully recreating each unique composition on an industrial scale. His attention to detail and encyclopedic knowledge of Guerlain’s raw materials is matched only by his passion for Guerlain’s olfactory heritage – essential qualities in a role that requires scientific precision on top of deep emotional sensitivity.