The Petit Palais

A serendipitous space to savor an exceptional moment

The brief

To create a welcoming place in the heart of the museum while enhancing the value of the building and the garden by designing a layout that is specially adapted to the setting. To increase the visibility of the Petit Palais and attract new audiences.

Our recommendation

Lonsdale designed Le Jardin du Petit Palais, a café and restaurant in the heart of the museum, an unanticipated spot to savor an exceptional moment far from the hustle and bustle of the busy Parisian streets.

The Jardin du Petit Palais is a haven of contemporary and warm decor, adorned by an interior garden and extended by a terrace for those sunnier Parisian days.

The interior garden, evoked by a high glass roof joins the cafe on the ground floor and the restaurant on the mezzanine, and reveals a motif of plants and gardens. From bottom to top, the canopy structures the space in its verticality, a movement which is accentuated by an iconic floral suspension in the center that brings a poetic dimension and a play of light and shadow. Everything comes together finely chosen furniture in a balance of soft colors, while service counters are used to display the culinary delicacies.