Gautier Semences

Sowing the seeds of a great brand


Gautier Semences is an independent, family-owned French company that has been rooted locally in Provence since 1952. It designs and produces a wide range of market garden seeds for professionals.

The company’s 70th anniversary marks a turning point in the history of Gautier, which today is an expanding group with an international presence in 53 countries. But in the face of increasing competition and the concentration of major industrial groups, how can Gautier Semences hold its own, stand out in the long term and continue to grow?

Our teams were faced with a triple challenge:

To draw on our Provençal roots while addressing the variety of international markets with relevance.
Perpetuate and extend the Gautier spirit, beyond the family dimension.
Make a major change from a local company to an international group.


After conducting market research and a series of internal and customer interviews, a core value emerged as a lever of distinction in a market dominated by powerful players: Creativity.

Gautier has always cultivated this creative approach:

In research, with R&D constantly focused on improving seeds and promoting varietal creation.
Within its teams, by bringing together complementary talents from varietal design to seed marketing.
In its relational approach, by encouraging collaboration as a trigger for new ideas.

It is this creative dimension, unique on the market, that naturally guided our strategic and creative approach, with a brand idea: « Creative Breeding » as the common thread running through our work with Gautier Semences.

Our creative work focused on promoting the seed business by drawing inspiration from nature.

The logotype is organic and structured, like nature. Behind the sober typography are 4 seeds, odes to the seed business and to the 4 generations of the Gautier family who have sustained the company for 70 years.

A visual identity that can be appropriated and distinguished in the professional seed

The graphic territory is lively and rich, rooted in the heritage of Provence, like the colorful patterns of seeds and vegetables that punctuate the brand’s statements.

Illustrations in ink and watercolor sensitively evoke the vitality of the brand’s values.