Ogami (Lesieur)

Supporting the creation and development of a new DNVB


To establish itself as a major player in the fast-growing functional food market, Lesieur has embarked on an unprecedented, 100% consumer-focused approach to innovation, in terms of its product offering, distribution and communications ecosystem. The product: a range of oils with health benefits, tailored to individual needs.

Lesieur turned to Lonsdale to design and build the entire model: construction of the offer (products and services), validation of the economic opportunity, branding, communication and distribution of its products and services.

The launch took place in POC format, with a Test&Learn approach to ensure accurate and agile monitoring, prior to wider deployment.


This structuring work on the value proposition was carried out by our Business Design teams in co-construction with Lesieur:

  • Business model (customer relationship principles, revenue model, skills and partners to be secured, cost structure, etc.).
  • Definition of the principles and methods for developing this new line of business: the functional requirements of the e-commerce site, the offers and services to be promoted, the pricing and conditions for recruiting partners, the user experience to be developed, etc.
  • A business plan to verify the financial viability of the new offering.

The agency then embodied this proposal through a communication ecosystem:
The naming, Ogami, echoes Origami and its ability to transform, to emphasise the personalisation benefits of the product, combined with a gentle sound that puts people at the heart of the approach with the “mi”.

On the Activation side, the project comes to life with a central aim: customers should feel considered and inspired with freshness and lightness, a starting point for inspiring the brand’s tone of voice in all its communications.