Provide a digitally augmented experience

The brief

Make the new integrated report an information and communication medium that highlights the innovation, inventiveness and creation of Sanofi teams. It must communicate their ambition to push the boundaries of science and to be able to change the medical practice. Addressed to multiple targets, this integrated report must highlight the strategic, forward-looking vision, always at the service of Sanofi’s raison d’être.

our recommendation

AT THE HEART OF SANOFI. Throughout the navigation, the Internet user is at the very heart of Sanofi’s long-term value creation. One whose objective is to always better serve its stakeholders by mobilizing science and innovation every day to contribute to the wellbeing of all.

An immersive experience

From the start of the digital experience, the reader is swooped up by the story, which gradually reveals Sanofi’s raison d’être. They delve into the very heart of the brand to discover the power of a science in perpetual evolution and the bearer of many solutions. The immersive navigation system allows everyone to explore the main entries of the integrated report in an original way.